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Generic Medication Discount Programs from retail pharmacies provide effective, FDA approved medications for many medical conditions at affordable prices.
features medication discount programs that do not have complex eligibility requirements, applications to fill out, or the long term commitment of Medicare Part D.

Walgreens | Prescription Savings Club Download PDF File for Walgreens Prescription Savings Club
CVS | Health Savings Pass Download PDF File for CVS Health Savings Pass
Walmart | $4 Prescriptions Download PDF File for Walmart $4 prescriptions
Rite Aid | Rx Savings Download PDF File for Rite Aid Rx Savings Program for Generic drugs
Kroger Pharmacies | $4 Prescriptions Download PDF File for Kroger $4 generic drug discount program
Target | $4 Generics Download PDF File for Target $4 generic drug discount program

At GenericMedList.Com, you can search for individual medications to see what programs are available for that medication. GenericMedList is a valuable resource for physicians, nurses, health care providers, case managers, social workers, and health care consumers when researching affordable medications.